1. What is Hispano Club™?

A: Hispano Club ™ was founded in 2017 to become the most successful service provider company, aimed at the Hispanic community, seeking the well-being of Hispanics in the United States by considering their needs and the possibility of achieving their goals.

2. What benefits do I get from buying a Hispano Club ™ membership?

A: With the Hispano Club™ membership you get Telemedicine, roadside assistance, as well as discounts in pharmacies, dental services, visual services, legal immigration and financial services. We also have discounts in establishments and restaurants. You can visit our page www.hispanoclub.com or contact us at 1 855 544 7726 for more information.

3. How many telemedicine consultations do I have available in a year with my Hispano Club ™ membership?

A: The individual membership includes 5 consultations and 10 consultations for the Family Membership. Each additional consultation has a cost of $ 35.00 USD.

4. When can I request a telemedicine consultation?

A: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and in English or Spanish.

5. How many people does the family membership cover?

R: Holder + spouse or partner and 2 children under 21 years of age. There is an option to add additional members (children under 21) for $ 5.00 USD per month each.

6. How many establishments are there in the Hispano Club discount network?

A: Our discount network has more than 700 brands in more than 350,000 establishments or locations.

7. What kind of discounts does the Network have?

A: There are thousands of discounts in distinct categories such as: Services and products for cars, clothing, mobile phone services, food, entertainment, health and beauty, home and garden among others.

8. How many Roadside Assistance services are entitled to per membership and what does it cover?

A: 3 services per year per membership, with vehicle towing for up to 25 miles and/or up to a cost of $75 per service. If the towing exceeds the 25-mile threshold, the member must pay the surplus.

9. What is the cost of individual and family membership?

A: The Hispano Club memberships have an annual commitment which can be paid through monthly installments. The Individual membership costs $60.00 dollars per month and the Family membership costs $80.00 dollars per month.

10. What is an independent Hispano Club ™ associate?

A: An independent Hispano Club™ associate is someone who takes the initiative to be their own boss, start their own business or simply wants to earn extra income per month through the sale of the Hispano Club ™ membership.

11. How can I become an independent associate?

A: First, you need to become a Hispano Club ™ member; second, purchase your Business Kit for $ 55.00 USD at www.hispanoclub.com. The Business Kit contains all the tools you need to start your own business with Hispano Club™.

12. How does Hispano Club ™ pay commissions to their associates?

A: Payment is made through the monthly sale of the memberships you make. A check will arrive to your home based on the sales you made in accordance with the percentages set fort in our Compensation Plan.

Commissions can also be paid faster and more secure through Hispano Card®, A prepaid Mastercard® with the security and freedom to make purchases at millions of locations worldwide where Mastercard® debit is accepted. No more lost checks in the mail! Please visit www.hispanocard.com for more information.

13. How much can I earn as an associate?

A: The earnings depend on the sales of memberships that you and your network make. Please visit https://www.hispanoclub.com/tu-negocio-hispano-club/?lang=en to know more about our Compensation Plan.

Hispano Club™ does not guarantee that independent Associates will generate certain income. The results vary and depend on various factors including individual effort, experience, leadership and perseverance in your business.