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Pharmacy Discounts
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Clothes and Accessories Discounts

Job Bank
Access the job bank for the hispanic community

Do you need a doctor?

With Telemedicine, you can make a call right now and get the help you need .

Save on the purchase of your medications!

With the Hispano Club Pharmacy Discount Network you can choose your pharmacy and get great discounts on medications.

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With the Hispano Club Discount Network you have immediate access to multiple discounts, national and international brands and establishments nationwide

We want you to see the important things in life!

With the Hispano Club Vision Services Discount Program you can get great discounts at doctor’s offices, establishments and laser correction surgeries

Go out to eat with the whole family!

With the Hispano Club Food and Restaurant Discounts you can get great discounts at various restaurants.

Brand new is always possible!

With the Hispano Club Clothes and Accessories Discounts you have access to exclusive discounts in national and international brands

Your car always ready to go!

With the Hispano Club Automotive Service Discounts you will be able to repair and give your car maintenance whenever you need.

Feel safe with roadside assistance!

With the Hispano Club Roadside assistance service you will be able to ask for assistance in the event your car has minor mechanical issues, available every day of the year.

Do you know how to do your taxes?

With the Hispano Club fiscal assistance service you can get attractive discounts in tax concepts.

Do you need help making payments on your accounts?

With Hispano Club Payments of services platform you can pay your national and international bills from the comfort of your home

Help! Assistance
With Hispano Club, you have access to an instant personal telephone assistant for help in general topics.
SOS! Technologic Help
With Hispano Club you can request technologic assistance if an issue with any of your electronics arises (computers, cellphones and/or tablets).